Documentation and instructions are available online, as are more demos. Additional examples and documentation are available for licensed users of the code.

Examples are kept simple so you can see the basic components necessary for implementation of the code. For example, some demos use tables for layout in order to keep the style sheets restricted to specifications necessary for code functionality.

Styles related to scrolling are included in the head of the document in most demos. These styles would generally be placed in an external css file. If you would like to do so in an accessible, unobtrusive manner you could make use of the commented-out call to dw_Util.writeStyleSheet in the script segment in the head of example documents.

Note: If you want your documents to be printable, see information about print options in the online documentation.

Since the placement of scroll links is generally a layout and design issue totally unrelated to the functionality of the code, this is left up to you, again, to focus on the basic components necessary for the code. All that is necessary for their setup is a container element somewhere in the hierarchy with an ID.

Please read dyn-web's Terms of Use if you plan to use our code.

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