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Thank You for downloading Tigra Slider Control, we hope you'll enjoy the improvements to your web application made possible with our component.


Tigra Slider Control - is DHTML component for the websites that adds vertical and horizontal trackbar capability to the HTML forms similarly to the controls widely used in desktop applications. The position of the handler is translated into the value from specified range and placed in existing input box of the HTML form. The slider is simple improvement that makes the interface more user friendly.

  • Any number of controls can be added to any number of forms
  • Attaches to the existing form input (text or hidden), synchronizes both ways
  • Both vertical and horizontal sliders are supported
  • Result is mapped to value from specified numeric range
  • Supports discrete values (increments), this can also be used to specify result's precision
  • Customizable appearance, can be configured to match look and feel of existing interface
  • Acts as additional level of input validation - user can't select the value from outside of specified range
  • Low weight and high performance
  • All modern browsers supported, future browser's versions ready
  • Object oriented easy to read JavaScript implementation for those who want to learn DHTML programming
  • Simple user interface improvement, fun to use
  • Easy setup - no programming skills required, samples and documentation provided
  • The script is free for any applications
Local Samples
This package includes following samples:
  • Single Slider - demonstrates how to setup one slider control in the HTML form
  • Multiple Sliders - demonstrates how to setup multiple sliders sharing the same properties
  • Multiple Designs - designs clipart, illustrates possible slider configurations with multiple independent sliders
  • Equalizer - demonstrates the array of the sliders controlled by external script
Compatibility Table
Tigra Slider Control can work with any browser that supports DOM (Document Object Model). Below is the list of browsers the component was successfully tested with.

Platform Browser
MS IE Netscape Firefox/Mozilla Opera Safari AOL
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP 4.x+ 6.x+ 0.9.x+ 7.x+ n/a 4+
Mac OS 8.6/9 5.x+ 6.x+ 1.1+ 7.x+ 1.3.1+ n/a
KDE on Linux/FreeBSD n/a 6.x+ 1.1+ 7.x+ n/a n/a

How to start with Tigra Slider Control?

To configure the script follow these steps:

  • Review product documentation
  • Review sample configurations listed above starting with simplest
  • Copy demo files to separate directory and the configuration to tune the control for your application
  • If you have any problems or questions, check out product forum
Here are some suggestions:
  • Keep distribution package unchanged. Extract any files from zip file to separate directory before editing them
  • Modify script configuration step-by-step checking the control in the browsers. This will help you to rollback last changes if they were erroneous
  • Check out product page periodically. We keep working to bring new versions of the product and more support materials for your convenience
Tigra Slider Control PRO additionally offers:
  • Optional plus/minus buttons on the sides supporting rollover, disabled and active states
  • Click on the slider body moves the handle to that position
  • Activation effect: the body of the slider is highlighted when the control is in use
  • Reversing: slider setup with the minimum value in right or top position
  • Progress bar highlighting the current location of the slider from side with the minimum value to current position
  • Custom event handlers for onMove, onChange and onButton events
Let us know about your experience with Tigra Slider Control

We like to hear from you. Please, let us know what do you like about the script and what needs to be improved. We will not rest until our every customer is completely satisfied. Some testimonies may be published on the product page.

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